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iFixit publishes Sony Xperia Z5 teardown, modular parts easy to repair

iFixit publishes Sony Xperia Z5 teardown, modular parts easy to repair

The community of teardown techs at iFixit are a boon to the mobile device industry, making repairs that much easier. This time they publish a teardown of Sony’s newest flagship, the Sony Xperia Z5. It’s worth mentioning that the teardown was done not by iFixit’s official techs, but a tech from their community – hence the lack of substantial comment on the build.


First up, getting into the Sony Xperia Z5’s unibody design requires skill, but it should not be that difficult for trained technicians. You need to apply a little bit of heat so that the adhesive softens, then a suction cup and some prying tools here and there and you should be inside the phone. The battery unit is also stuck by some light adhesive, and some prying is needed to loosen that.


Once inside, you immediately notice that like its aesthetic design on the outside of Xperia devices, Sony also engineers the inside to be modular and very orderly in layout. There are some small connections here and there that you need to be reminded/aware of so you don’t break them, but the inside is very easy to handle.


Sony wins on this one again, the repairability of the Xperia Z5 is way up there because of the modular parts and the very elegant layout repair techs have to deal with when looking inside. Of course, it would still be better for you not to break anything, yes?


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